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Finance Lease

Finance leasing is a flexible, tax-efficient way for your business to acquire the assets it needs without using up cash reserves, and you may realise some value at the end of the term. Here's the deal:

With a Finance Lease there is normally no need for additional security as the finance is usually secured on the asset.

How a Finance Lease works

With finance leasing, we retain ownership of the assets purchased, but you can sell them on our behalf at the end of the term and keep most of the proceeds.

With a Finance Lease you also get a choice of fixed or linked rate funding as well as a payment structure that can be matched to your cashflow patterns to ease budgeting. The funding is on balance sheet.

A Finance Lease can be suitable for businesses of all sizes, and all types of assets. For example, if you want to buy commercial vehicles and recover some of their value at the end of a fixed period, this could be the right business finance solution.

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